Thursday, August 28, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

Yesterday around 11:30am, I heard screams coming from the older boys' bedroom. Jackson and Lincoln were "playing" in there. Jackson likes to pick on Lincoln, so my first thought was that he was just bugging him AGAIN. But, I quickly realized that the screams were more serious and not stopping. Lincoln met me in the hallway with blood gushing out of his chin. I took off his shirt (which was, thankfully, red!) and tried to hold it on his wound to stop the bleeding.

Ever try holding a strong, 30# toddler still...while he's crying and in pain?

Once I got a good look at it, I could see he needed stitches. So, once again, I called Greg to come home. I needed him to help me hold Lincoln, so I could get the bleeding to stop (or at least slow down) and then to stay home with Jackson and Taylor while we went to the ER. By the time Greg got home, Lincoln had already calmed down and I was able to get a bandaid on. I was surprised that the bandaid worked. Greg washed him up (had blood all over his neck and face) and I got ready to go.

Once we got there, they put us right through to the pediatric ER. I was glad about that, because with his CF, he shouldn't be in a waiting room full of sick people and I was prepared to "fight" for that, but really hate doing that, so I was glad I didn't have to. They put some numbing gel on his wound and then gave him a blend of Benadryll, and Tylenol with Codene. That combined with the fact that it was his nap time, he went to sleep pretty quickly. They waited 40 min.'s for the gel to work and came in to suture. He woke up for that, but didn't feel it. The nurse wrapped him up tight in a blanket and I held his shoulders with my hands and leaned on his legs. The nurse held his head still and the Nurse Practioner did the suturing. There were two students observing...not sure if they are nursing students or what.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch, but after the first suture, it didn't bother me. It looks so wrong to see someone "sew" flesh (sorry, everyone!), but I know it had to be done. I had been hoping they would glue it, like they did Carter's forehead a few years ago, but they said it was too deep for that. It makes me wonder if Carter's wasn't too deep and they should have sutured rather than glued. And now that I think about it, I think our Dr. friend who was there and came to see us in the ER suggested that, but the younger dr. seemed set on glueing. I wanted the least invasive choice, but I'm not a Dr.! Oh well.

So, anyway, Lincoln is fine and not bothered by the sutures. It has been difficult keeping it dry as it's right by his mouth and everything he eats and drinks gets on it. And, he likes to take his bandaid off. But, I think it will get easier, as he gets used to it.

So, crisis over.

And, just in case we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves to have a relaxing evening after church, Carter decided to throw us off with puffy eyes that are so swollen he can hardly open them. It happened once before, last year, sometime. We never knew why and it went away in about 36 hours, I think.

I'm not sure what caused it, but I have a theory. Last night, someone gave my kids a box of Reese's cereal. Carter knows he can't eat it, so that's not the problem, but Jackson and Lincoln were eating it while we were waiting for Daddy, so we could go home (we drive separately, so we could have left, but I usually wait around anyway). Then, all three were sitting in the back seat, with Carter in the middle. That's because this week, I'm picking up 3 girls at school when I pick up Carter, and dropping them off at their home, so I have them sit in the middle seat (2 by Taylor and one up front with me). Anyway...I'm wondering if the boys had peanut residue on their fingers and at some point touched something that Carter touched and then he rubbed his eyes and they reacted to that. Makes sense to me! Greg and Carter ran out for Benadryll chewables last night, but it hasn't made much difference. He's home from school today and we'll see how it goes.

I wonder what today will bring!!! Haha

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