Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

We've all heard it. Most of us believe it. Many of us do nothing about it. Nutrition is KEY to a happy, healthy life.
I know in my head that good nutrition can literally change lives. I've heard stories, read books (well, parts of the books...I don't like to read), about people who have literally controlled their disease with a healthy lifestyle, mainly good nutrition.
I know that people who eat healthy, generally have more energy and are usually at an ideal weight. But for some reason, putting that into practice has been difficult for me. It does not help matters that my kids with CF need a high calorie and sometimes high fat diet. This does not mean a non-nutritional diet, but sometimes that can be difficult to blend.
Supplements are a great way to get some of the nutrition we are lacking, but it's also important to have GOOD, QUALITY, supplements. If you browse the shelves at a near-by drug store, you will see 100's of options. Is one just as good as another? Of course not. Nothing ever is, right? Most people agree with the popular saying, "You get what you pay for." But, buying the most expensive supplement does not ensure quality. So what does? What things would you look for in a supplement to know that it is what your body needs?

Did you know that many supplements are made from petrochemicals? That means it is a chemical derived from petroleum or natural gas. How does that make you feel? They are also much less effective than a "natural" vitamin.

A whole-food supplement, that is made from REAL food is key.

I have been giving my kids supplements made with "Real Food Technology", for a few years now, and I have seen it make a difference in their overall health. I have not been consistent with myself. However, I am going to change that. Today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm still here!

Where have you all been?


You were here...and I wasn't? Hmm. I see.

Well, I have a good reason. At least it seems like a good one to me.

Since my last post (which was just before closing on our new home), I have had a crazy schedule. I really mean it. Crazy! Of course, I've had time to stop and breathe a little...and there's always time for facebook, somehow.

I can sense your interest in knowing how crazy my schedule was, since the last post (which was just before closing on our new home). I'd be happy to share with you!

It all started on December 17, 2009, when we closed on our new home (the day after my last post)!

Dec. 17-19 MOVING
Dec. 20--> UNPACKING (There's no end date, because there are still boxes in the garage) :P
Dec. 23 realize Jackson is getting pretty sick.
Dec. 24 Church Christmas Eve Service
Dec. 26 Took Jackson to Dr. Determined to have ear infection. Treated with antibiotics.
Dec. 27 realize Lincoln and Taylor are getting sick too.
Dec. 28 Took Lincoln and Taylor to Dr. Determined to have H1N1 Virus. Treated with antibiotics.
Dec. 31 Church New Years' Eve service (Kids and I had to stay home due to virus).
Jan. 4 Took Lincoln and Taylor back to Dr. due to shortness of breath and bad cough. Oxygen levels are low and we are sent to Arnold Palmer Hospital. Pneumonia.
Jan. 4-9 Lincoln, Taylor and I spent the week in the hospital. At home, it was the first week back to school for Carter and Jackson. Greg held down the fort. Pretty sure Jackson missed the entire week of school. :)
Jan. 10-20 (?) Mother-in-law comes to stay to help with kids while they finish recovery from pneumonia and to give me time to get back to unpacking and organizing our new home!
Jan 14 The start of having teen girls over 2-3 times a week for Bible Study, just time to chat, talk about life, or for help with the kids while I get stuff done at the house or for church.
Jan 23 Sunday School class Dinner
Jan 30 Two cakes (which means I pulled an all-nighter on the 29th!)
Feb 3 Taylor's 2nd birthday!
Feb 4 My birthday!
Feb 6 Cake order and Taylor's birthday party
Feb 16 Start babysitting 1 yr. old girl
Feb 17 Mom flies in!
Feb 19 Cake
Feb 20 Cake
Feb 23 Two kids to the Dr. (regular check up)
Feb 26 The other two kids to the Dr. (regular check up)
Feb 27 Combined birthday party for all 3 boys...since they never had a party due to moving (Nov/Dec)
Mar 1 Mom flies home.
Mar 5 Ladies' scrapbooking night at church
Mar 6 Youth Activity: Dew & Dodgeball
Mar 10 Cake
Mar 13 am Youth Car Wash (I stayed home but had other youth worker's kids over so they could help in car wash)
Mar 13 pm Assist at birthday party, putting a scrapbook together as guests arrive.
Mar 14-17 Mission's week at church
Mar 14 Cake
Apr 2 Sr. High leaders' dinner & mtg. at our home
Apr 5-6 Take friends' 3 kids while she is in hospital
Apr 10 Awana Grand Prix; Take Doc to Vet
Apr 16 Cake & Baby Shower; Youth Babysitting night
Apr 18 LIT (Youth) mtg. at our home
Apr 21 Cake
Apr 23-24 Acquire the Fire (Youth event)
Apr 29 Cake
Apr 30 Scrapbook night at church
May 1 Great Strides (CF walk)
May 2 Teen Drama at church
May 4 Go to teen's play at school
May 6 Jr. High leaders' dinner & mtg. at our home
May 8 Cake
May 14 Homeschool Graduation Ceremony, Young Marrieds' SS class get-together.
May 15 Youth get-together
May 16 Cake
May 17 Pastoral Staff & families dinner at our home
May 19 Lunch with friends!
May 28 Cake
Jun 1 Car shopping (!!!)
Jun 2 Back to dealership to finalize paperwork and get van detailed
Jun 5 Graduation cake for 5 seniors from youth group; Graduation party
Jun 7 School awards (Carter)
Jun 8 VPK closing program (Jackson)
Jun 11 Cake
Jun 11-15 You vs. Wild. Teen trip to GA.
Jun 18 Cake
Jun 19-28 Trip to PA/NJ (Driving our new mini-van!)
During trip: VBS, Crayola Factory, Walker family get-together, memorial service and Schlundt family reunion in NJ.
Jun 30 CF Clinic in Orlando and 9th anniversary!
Jul 12-16 CEF 5-day club at our home
Jul 19 Set up for Teen Extreme
Jul 20-22 Teen Extreme
Jul 23 Take Teen Extreme kids to Busch Gardens
Jul 26-Aug 2 Prepare for VBS
Aug 2-6 VBS
Aug 7 Cake
Aug 8 VBS Closing Program
Aug 13 Cake
Aug 16 Lunch with Jackson!!!

And here we are. :)

I know. Everyone has a busy life. I know there are many even busier than me. For my personality...melancholy mostly with a little phlegmatic...this kind of schedule can be overwhelming. Throw into this, weekly Praise Team practice, Ladies' ensemble practice, choir practice, Wed. night youth group, Sunday Night Alive (teen church), 3 kids on daily nebulizer treatments and cpt....it gets a little crazy sometimes.

So...there's my excuse for not posting since Dec. 16th. :) Aren't you glad you asked?


You didn't ask? Well, I'm sorry then. Forgive me.

I remember the nurse practitioner, who first informed me of Jackson's diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis, telling me that life, as I knew it, would change drastically. Hmmm...I'm not so sure. It certainly hasn't slowed us down. Not yet anyway.

I guess my house suffers the most...but we are slowing making progress there. I feel like we are still settling into our new home. As we go, we get a little more organized month by month. We have set backs, for sure, especially when we have full weeks of activities. BUT... it eventually comes back together. Just call before you stop by. ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We are closing on Thursday!!!

All of the paperwork is finally processed and we are closing on Thursday!!! FINALLY...A REAL HOME!

Thank you, Lord, for your blessings!

"Who Am I?" Awesome Video

Before playing this video, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause or silence my music player. Enjoy! This is awesome!!!