Monday, February 11, 2008

She's here!

Taylor Renee arrived on Sunday, February 3rd at 10:30am. One day before Mommy's birthday! Best birthday present EVER!!!
I started having contractions Sat. night before I went to bed, but figured they were more of the "Braxton Hicks" contractions that get your body ready for the real thing. I figured they'd go away with sleep. But, contractions kept me awake much of the night and by morning (4am) they were coming pretty regularly. I kept trying to get in some sleep, but by 5am, decided to get up and keep track of them. They were anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart. I woke Greg up to let him know...he wanted to go back to sleep! We got the boys ready (I hadn't packed their bags yet, but I had done mine the week before!). We called around and found a place for the boys to go, stopped for some water/coffee and headed to the hospital. We got there between 7-7:30am and was admitted by 8am, 6cm dialated! The Dr. came in around 9:50am to break my water and she was born 40 minutes later. No epidural! (But, I did have some pain meds).
It's nice having a girl. I never realized how much I liked pink!!
Please keep Taylor in your prayers. We don't have an official diagnosis yet, but all signs are showing that she has CF. I'd like to think I'm wrong, but we've been through this twice already and at this point, if her test results come back negative, I believe it will be due to a miraculous healing by God Almighty!

"Who Am I?" Awesome Video

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