Sunday, June 29, 2008


Well, four of us are sick. Really sick. It's all a head cold, but with major nasal congestion. Lincoln started it last Sunday. Taylor woke up Monday with the sniffles and Wednesday, it was my turn. I thought Jackson and Carter were gonna make it through unscathed, but Jackson started showing symptoms Saturday night. So, Greg and Carter made it to church today. I will keep our nasty germs here and not share them with our church family. They tend to like us better with that arrangment! I wish everyone was that careful. Then maybe we wouldn't be sick! It's hard to say. You never know where you pick up these germs. Could be a grocery cart, a person, a dr.'s office...yes, ironic, I know. You can wipe everything with Clorox wipes, but then you're dealing with toxins that you and especially your kids really shouldn't be exposed to. So, what's one to do? This time, I did cave in and buy the wipes. I keep wiping down things like the phone, doorknobs, computer keyboard and mouse, light switches and anything else I can think of that might be contaminated.
Everyone has been giving me suggestions of what I need to take so that I can breathe (something I have come to enjoy and no longer take for granted). So far, nothing has been a "life saver", though I think some of it has helped a little.
On a positive note, I can't smell Lincoln's nasty diapers! Problem is, I don't always notice he needs changing right away. Oops! Forgive me, Lincoln.
Right now, I'm enjoying a bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup. I'm not sure if it actually helps or if it's just "the right thing to do" when you're sick. It's just comforting I guess. I'm also having some saltines crackers with it. Since my congestion is overriding my taste buds, the salt taste especially good to me. Helps me to know I'm not just chewing on cardboard. Or, at least unsalted cardboard.
Sorry...if my humor does not humor you...blame the illness!!!
By the way, tomorrow is our 7th wedding anniversary! Seven years, four kids, two dogs (only 1 left), and currently, little sweet ants. They are easy to get rid of, usually. Terro is amazing! If you ever have an ant problem and they are SWEET eating ants, look for Terro. Every year during the rain season, we see ants. Usually, it's the red, biting ones. I HATE those. They make me so mad. The black, sweet ants don't make me mad. They don't bite...and they're tiny. They are actually entertaining. Watching them travel to and from the poison, I mean, lovely gourmet meal I so lovingly put out for them, is fun. It's interesting watching them communicate with EVERY ant that comes in the opposite direction. It's truly like a divided highway, expect they have a front end collision with every ant...and yet no damage. Amazing.
Okay...I'm done...I guess. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Results

Taylor had her CF check up a few weeks ago and this time she did NOT culture any Psuedanomas! So, we don't have to put her on TOBI again, for now. It's not easy giving an infant a breathing treatment. It's not easy giving a toddler one either! lol
Lincoln had his CF check up yesterday and he's doing great! He weighs 28 lbs. and is 31 inches tall. He's at 78% on the weight for height growth chart, which for CF, is amazing! He's been on very few anti-biotics in his lifetime and his lung function is great! Thank you LORD!
Jackson and Taylor go next Wed. for their CF check-up.
Carter finally got his "kindergarten" shots and we are ready to get him signed up! He's so excited. I'm not as excited as he just means he's growing up and I know it's going to go by so fast. But, it is fun watching him grow up. He's so funny. If you don't know him well, and you ever get the chance, just sit down with him and have a "normal" adult conversation. You'd be surprised at how "old" he sounds for only 5 years old. But, he likes being a kid...he does well with other kids too.
This week is VBS at our church and we are having a blast! This year is "Power Lab". Group Publishing does a fantastic job and putting a VBS together and making it easy for your helpers to do their job (like the snack coordinator, craft director, etc.). I'm the VBS Director and Greg oversees building the set and then he and I and this year another Pastor are the "upfront" people that can be goofy...well the guys are goofy, I'm the "straight man!" We have so much fun doing it, but I'm exhausted now! Three nights down...two to go. =)
Have a great day!

"Who Am I?" Awesome Video

Before playing this video, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause or silence my music player. Enjoy! This is awesome!!!