Friday, April 18, 2008

Great Strides

Tomorrow is the Great Strides walk in Lakeland, FL. I have a team of about 25 walkers and we've raised about $1500! I'm so thankful for the support my friends at Cornerstone Baptist Church have shown me. People really got on board and excited about it and it just shows me that my kids are important to them.
Many of my friends and family from out-of-state have donated as well and I appreciate you all!!!
Since this is our first walk, here in FL, and we've done so well, I'm excited about what we can do next year. If everyone on my team were to raise $150 each we could get to $3,750! That would be amazing!
Next year, I'll start working on things sooner. I did start letting people know about it back in October, but then didn't do much with it between then and now. We can do little fundraisers prior to the walk to help raise money for the team, as well as individual and corporate donations.
Periodically I go on the website to see how research is coming and it's encouraging to see that many of the research studies are showing promising results. Nothing that is a cure yet, but more treatments that can help tremendously to lengthen lives and add quality as well.
It's not all about the money though. Those of you who pray for my kids and the search for a cure are doing as much or more to support CF research!

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Anonymous said...

My email won't send. GRRR!!!
I'll start a team up here. I'll get on it Monday!
Miracle has already typed up our "raising support letter". ;-) I figure she's cuter than I am, so I let her write it for us!
Love ya!

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