Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick Update

Hello...yes, it's been awhile. I started to post once in January and something happened and I lost what I had written. I didn't have the energy to start over. :) So, now, a month later...I'll try again, but this will be brief because I'm about to head out the door to take Carter to his LAST basketball practice (for the year!).

Taylor had a follow-up check up today after her Bronchial infection 3 weeks ago. The Dr. said her lungs sound great! If it weren't for her runny nose (started Sat.), we'd have been able to cut out the albuterol treatments altogether, but he said to continue those (twice a day) through the weekend. We will continue all of her other meds, but after the weekend, she'll be down to one breathing treatment, 2 inhalers (well, one, twice a day) and her CPT (chest therapy) twice a day, plus, of course, her enzymes at each meal.

Carter was sick last week, enough to keep out of school for 3 days. He came home from school Tuesday and within a few hours had a high fever and vomited. FUN! His fever stayed between 100 and 103 for a couple days. Tylenol and Motrin seemed to keep it down some, but by the time it was time for his next dose, it was up again. But, it went away Thursday evening. Now he has a pretty congested sounding cough, but that's all. So...flu maybe? Who knows! My kids all get flu shots (for the CF kids sake), but it's still possible to get it...at least it may not be as bad though.

Lincoln also had a fever, but for only 24 hours. He decided to let me know he was sick by puking on me at 3:45 am IN BED! That's when I noticed the fever. This was Sunday AM...so once again...no church for us! (They're going to think I've stopped coming for good!)

Jackson...is not sick!!! Somehow, he's managed to stay well through all of this. Praise the Lord!

Greg and I are also well...so far. =)

I'll try to post again soon...TRY...being the key word!

Thank you to those who check in once and awhile to see how we're doing. If you're on facebook, you can keep up with me a little better!

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Anonymous said...

Man...I hope your kids get better soon...one at a time is enough...but even strung back to back is hard. I am praying for you guys. I do follow you on facebook but I also linked you up on my blog with updates....
anyways...Jeremy seems to be doing good. He is getting over a cold that was very congestive but not pneumonia-ish....Praise the Lord.
Well have a great day!

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