Saturday, December 13, 2008

So, once again, it's been a long time since I last blogged. Shortly after the last post, (Oct. 31), we left for our annual trip north, to NY and PA. Greg goes up to hunt. I stay with family. This time of year, I would need to grow antlers out of my head to be noticed...haha...but it's okay. It's just for a couple weeks and it's the highlight of his year!

We were in NY/PA for about 2+ wks. It was a nice, relaxing time! I attended Twin Orchards Baptist Church (my home church for 28 yrs.) and it was good to see some "old" friends. The following Sunday, we went to my dad's church, Community Bible Church, and I even got the boys, all three (!), to sing with me, well...sort of! Carter sang out nicely. Lincoln (almost 2!), sang in his own language. Jackson, had his back towards the congregation and I had to take the microphone away because he was hitting it. But, it was a blast! I hope that singing in church is something they will develop and grow to love it too! I'll try not to project my dreams onto them! (haha)

Greg and I have been working on buying a house, so we decided to leave Jackson and Lincoln with my parents for 2 weeks so I could come home and clean out and re-organize. I did get a lot done, but we also took a few days to visit Greg's brother and his wife for Thanksgiving. We had a nice time and Beth and I managed to pull of a Thanksgiving dinner that was not only edible, but enjoyable!

Then, it seemed like we had appointments and things everyday for awhile, but I was still able to get more done than normal. Tuesday (the 9th), my mom and the boys flew into Orlando, and Taylor and I picked them up. It was SO good to see the boys. They did look more mature than I remember. That always seems to happen.

The next day, while wiping Taylor's nose (something that's been going on for about 2 wks), I decided to take her to the Dr. That turned out to be a good decision. He said she had an ear infection in her right ear. No problem...some antibiotics and she'll be good...but then...he listened to her lungs and heard wheezing. So, he had her do a breathing treatment at the office so he could see how she responded. She responded well and he was thinking we could probably treat her at home, but wanted to rule out pneumonia first, with a chest xray. So, we drove down to the clinic for the xray. We waited there for his phone call. He said she DID have pnuemonia in her right lobe. SO...because she also has CF, it's not just "send her home on meds and come back in a week." This is a trip to the hospital. We were there in July for pneumonia, as you probably remember, and that lasted 5 days. My mom was scheduled to leave in 2 days (Fri.).

I came home from the xray, packed up some things for the hospital, took the two older boys to Awana and to switch vehicles with Greg (he has a 2-seater truck and I drive an 8-seater van), and left Lincoln at home with my mom. Grabbed some dinner on the way, and Taylor was admitted by about 7pm.

They had to do all the initial lab work...blood tests, sputum cultures, nose swab, etc. She pulled out the first IV line they had put in her hand, so they put a new one in her foot and wrapped it with a soft splint and lots of tape! It did the trick and I think she was much more comfortable with it there. I was! =)

She was a trooper the ENTIRE time! All of the nurses loved working with her because she would just smile at them the whole time. She's such a sweetie. It was nice to know the other kids were being taken care of at home, with my mom and Greg and I could just focus on Taylor. It was hard though because I had just gotten Jackson and Lincoln back and then I left. Poor kids!

So, they let us go home on Friday with antibiotics and frequent breathing treaments with additional CPT (chest physio-therapy). The Dr. thinks that her pnuemonia is viral, so it will have to run it's course. She's on the antibiotics for her ear infection and as a preventative measure just incase the pnuemonia is bacterial. She did not culture pseudonomas (which anyone who deals with CF will know, this is wonderful!).

So, there you have it!

Oh, I should mention, that since my last post, Carter has turned 6, Jackson turned 4 and Lincoln will be 2 in 8 days! Taylor is now 10 months old!


a_weak_rose said...

I'm so glad you took Taylor when you did, so she was able to get treated quickly. :-)
Love ya!

Jo-Ann said...

Is that the front porch of your new home?

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