Monday, September 22, 2008

FURIOUS about NBC's SNL sketch

This is the email I sent to NBC regarding SNL's (Saturday Night Live) sketch about Todd Palin. I did not see it, but heard about it today and looked it up online. The video has been taken down from youtube and is not viewable on NBC either. Interesting! However, I was able to read the transcript here.

SNL crossed the line in a BIG way. The sketch implying that Todd Palin had sex with his daughters was crude, irresponsible and NOT funny. I can only imagine the uproar there would be if a similar sketch was done on Obama. I'm not suggesting you do that, because it's wrong no matter who the "target" is. But, something should be done about this, starting with an apology to Todd, Sarah and their family. I'm done watching SNL. It's a waste of time. For a show that is supposed to be a comedy, where is the humor? It's not funny to me.
Here is where you can send an email to NBC. They SHOULD be held accountable.

This IS outrageous. Immitating politicians can be humorous and all in good fun, but THIS was WAY past the line. This was not funny. It was distasteful and NBC and SNL need to realize that we, the American viewing public, are not happy with it and will not let it slide.

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