Tuesday, August 4, 2009

House shopping again!

Well...we've been here before...but this time, we think we will be buying a house. It's not finalized yet, so I say that with some hesitation. In fact, I'd rather not tell people that we are house shopping again in case it doesn't work out. BUT...I'd like as many people praying about it as are willing, so here it is...

We found a 5 bedroom house that I fell in love with. I would never have thought we could afford a 5 bedroom house, but, because we would be going through a developer, we are able to get a better rate and the monthly payment will be lower than what we would pay for a cheaper re-sale house. Amazing! A brand new house....cheaper than a used one. It will be clean...no need for repairs...under warranty...AWESOME!

If this house IS what God has for us, we can see how He has worked it out in His time...which we can see is the right time and how waiting has made it so that we can get a house large enough for our family. Everytime we thought we were ready to buy a house and God said, "No", the next house we considered was better, (nicer, bigger, more house for the money, location, etc.), so we also know that if this is NOT the house God has for us, that He does have something out there and that it will meet our needs, in every way.

But, I will admit, if it's not this house, I will be very sad. :) I like everything about this house! And, through an incentive program the developer has offered, we are able to put in some upgrades, at no cost to us. These upgrades will include some things that are important to me, for the health of our kids. For instance, instead of the included carpet that comes in the bedrooms, we'll be putting down vinyl (can't afford to upgrade to real wood!), in each of the kids' rooms, the family room and the dining room. Carpet, for kids with CF can be harmful because it holds onto bacteria and it's difficult (or impossible) to get rid of. And, since Carter is allergic to dustmites, carpet isn't good for him either. The house has 3 full bathrooms! The kitchen is just right and there is enough counter space for my cakes!!! It also has a walk-in pantry! One of Greg's and my favorite things is the LARGE walk-in closet off the master bathroom. Clothes are our enemy where we live now. It's not that we have an unusal abundance of clothes, it's that we have a severe lack of closet space and only so much room for dressers. LOL The laundry room is upstairs next to most of the bedrooms (the 5th bedroom is downstairs and for now, will be a guest room/office, until the kids are older, and then they can each have their OWN room!!!). The house will have to be built, and should take 4 months. This would get us in the house in November...just in time for the tax credit...and maybe better yet...just in time for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...there you go! Something to pray about. :) I'll keep you posted. We should hear something soon. I will say, the lender thinks it will go through, but there were a few things that had/have to be done, so we are waiting on those and time will tell! I don't like waiting. God knows this. But, makes me wait anyway...probably teaching me something. :) I'm trying to learn!!!

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Jo-Ann said...

Leah -- Praying that it all works out for you -- sounds great!!

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