Sunday, September 9, 2007

Lincoln's Baby Dedication Service

Today was Lincoln's Baby Dedication Service. If you're interested in watching it, go to Click on the 2nd "Watch" from the top, labled Sept. 9, 2007 AM. It starts out right near the beginning. If you keep watching for a few minutes after the dedication part ends, you'll see the song I sang for the dedication. I got choked up and didn't do well in the end (and was kinda shaky in the beginning), but it's a great song and has a great message for this kind of ceremony! Enjoy...and it's okay to laugh too. I did.

1 comment:

miss said...

How the heck do you sing when your pregnant? I can't even talk half the time, cuz I have no air. Haha! Choked up or not, it was great to hear your singing voice again!
Love you!

"Who Am I?" Awesome Video

Before playing this video, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause or silence my music player. Enjoy! This is awesome!!!