Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jackson's latest CF check up was good news!

Jackson is doing very well. He is about 65%, weight for age, on the growth chart, and 95% weight for height. That's amazing for a CF patient.
He has not had any major illnesses and even managed to avoid catching Carter's pink eye and bronchitis. He has not needed his TOBI meds since last June. This is an anti-biotic taken through a nebulizer to put medicine into his lungs. It is very common in CF patients and many have to take it regularly (28 days on, 28 days off, 28 days on completes a cycle). He has only ever had to use the TOBI meds twice and each time, only for the first 28 days. That means that his lungs are very healthy and able to fight infection.
He's two years old now and seems to have grown up overnight recently. He's still a handful and keeps us going...non-stop! But, he's a lot of fun and a cutie!!!
Thanks for your prayers!


Jo-Ann said...

Glad to hear that the boys are doing well -- they are sooooo cute!!! Think of you often -- thanks for this blog where I can see what's happening!

Jo-Ann said...

Carter looks like Greg; Jackson looks like Leah; Lincoln looks like Brian -- am I right? At least in these pictures.

Leah said...

Carter does favor Greg in his looks, but it's not as obvious to us as how much Jackson looks like my baby pictures. I have noticed that Lincoln reminds me of Bryan's pictures and I haven't even discussed that with my mom yet. :) I wonder what she thinks. She hasn't seen him, except for pictures, since he was about a month old.
Some days, the three look nothing alike and other days people will tell me they all look identical! It's funny.
Thanks for the comments. We appreciate your prayers.

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